Voices Like Wind Chimes Voices_Like_Wind_Chimes

Sold by: Arlene Distler


"A superb collection of poems -- each finely crafted, full of life and fresh language. Arlene Distler creates new spaces -- each one a stoy of authentic, deeply realized human experience from one who at times is so close that nature whispers secrets in her ears. Vermont's cold streams and the broken projects of yourthul farms, Afghan women in Burkas, lentils on the stove, fish counters and fish mongers, sunlight, and loss inhabit thse poems, unburdened by emotional baggage but filled, rather, with insight and compassion. I suggest sitting down and reading this collection as one piece -- and then come back over time to savor morsels." 

    Kate Gleason, author of Measuring the Dark.

14.00$14.00 each