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The Weakness of Gravity

by Maureen Tadlock

It is the tail end of the sixties in Los Angeles, in that seemingly split second of time when all hell broke loose and the conformity of the “Leave it to Beaver” fifties would forever be shed. That’s when Maureen Tadlock hit the streets, her mother divorced for the fourth time, with no rules or constraints, twelve years old saying she was fifteen, cruising the boulevards, dropping acid, in an endless carnival of parties and characters that were both innocent and outrageous. But as “the Fates” would have it the law would soon intervene and reset her course on an odyssey of greater meaning and further adventure while continuing to ride the wave of a cultural revolution. In her search for home, family and love in a world that from the beginning felt alien, Maureen Tadlock explores the borderlands of inner experience, creative expression and the transcendent, mythical meaning of her life as a young woman.

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