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This Tenth Anniversary Anthology of Write Action will delight and surprise readers. It is a wonderful reflection of the literary talent in this community. The contributors range from nationally recognized prose writers and poets to those for whom this anthology is their first publishing adventure. 

In its sum, it is also a snapshot of the thoughts, dreams, fantasies, fears, conjurings, loves, and petty annoyances of those of us who happen to reside in this corner of the world at this point in time. As such this collection is also a record of a shared life.



"In Write Action's anothology, we enter death as a country, witness the majest of hawks in winter, and experience the hippies of the 60s under the eyes of the benevolent marijuana gods. At turns sexually brazen, gracefully melodic, and laugh out loud funny, this is an astonishing collection of remarkable range. Quite simply, it's not to be missed. 

                                                        - Suzanne Kingsbury (Author of "The Summer Fletcher Greel Loved Me")


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