Swordfish 10lev-28

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These magnificent swordfish were created from a scrapped high school shop class project. The previous owner of my home was a shop teacher, and he kept some of the abandoned or incomplete projects that some of the students left behind. There was something about them that kept me from disposing of them as well.

So I decided to complete them.

I created templates for the fins from thick paper, then traced them onto 10 gage galvanized steel that I found in the basement[O1] .  Then [O2] I cut them out, flattened by hammer, and deburred the pieces. One of them still needed an eye socket drilled, so I completed that step as well. After sanding the swordfish were ready for assembling. Contact cement worked well to hold the predrilled fins in place while I installed the screws (also reclaimed material) to secure them. It was a common opinion amongst friends and family to finish them off in a clear finish to enhance the materials. A marble for the eye was all that was needed to complete this project – that, and finding the balance point to place a hanger. So if you are out there wondering “what ever happened to that project I left behind in shop class… ”

One even has the nostalgia of a proud name boldly written on the back.


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