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Republican Like Me: A Diary of My Presidential Campaign

by Sparrow

Soft Skull Press

Politics. Poetry.

How could Sparrow not have beaten Dole for the '96 GOP nomination? Find out in REPUBLICAN LIKE ME, a hilarious document of the vociferous and impassioned campaign trail of a socialist poet. "So I wasn't going to run in '96, until Pat Buchanan won New Hampshire. For 10 days, the Leftist Agony came over me -- the certainty that "Bakunin was right! The Elite does wish to extinguish us!" I saw vividly a White Supremacist Army occupying the White House, closing our borders, and setting up Christian Re-Education Camps. I knew I must act surely and swiftly. So on March 4 at the Fez, an upscale nightclub in Downtown Manhattan, I declared my candidacy for the Republican nomination ..."One of the funniest men in Manhattan ... Over and above everthing else, Sparrow offers something to believe in" -- Robert Christgau, Village Voice. Sparrow is also the author of the poetry collection HELL SOUP (Manic D Press).

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