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On Hearing Thunder

By Terry Hauptman

Terry Hauptman sings the heat of the prairie, its winds, its grasses, live creatures and the voices of those who have not been heard -- women: what they utter of defiance, determination, hilarity, whatever overcomes despair. Somhow she is able to fuse compelling rhythms of street-talk with the pulse of her own inwardness. It is truly a singing and sometimes a dancing as well, the beat of breath and hands and feet together not only on the prairies but on city streets and in forests and on the hills recording knowledge, joy, sorrow and fulfillment, the loss and the recovery of self."  - Hilda Morley


"Underlying is her knowledge of spells . . . Burns, seethes, gives birth in heat/heat. . . to create a city of flames." - Joy Harjo

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