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Ethel Katz Finds her Guru

by Barbi Schulick

Ethel, a Jewish 70+ no-nonsense New Yorker, becomes concerned with her daughter Debra's incessant focus on the spiritual quest and a Sanskrit-dubbed Western teacher. One day Ethel gets into her Volvo and heads to the ashram in the Catskill Mountains. Convinced she'll uncover evidence for her worries, she instead finds herself reluctantly charmed by Anandaji's earthy manner and intrigued by his Zen-flavored teachings. Ethel's story takes place over five days and mirrors our own as she plays tug-of-war with the steady pull of truth. She never abandons her prudent skepticism and trademark humor, and through her innocent investigations we come to suspect that the most sublime truths may run parallel to our innate common sense. Backdrop to this theme is a deepening of acceptance between mother and daughter who in turn become each other's gurus. 

"Beautifully written, sparkling and astute observations on the introduction of meditative culture to our world. Barbi Schulick is a wonderful storyteller, her marvelous sense of humor enables us to have some good laughs and at the very same time grow in wisdom. A truly unique skill."  
―Larry Rosenberg, author of  Breath by Breath and Three Steps to Awakening 

"A beautiful, tender, life-changing tale; I loved every word. The perfect story for the seeking heart...comforting and inspiring, just like Ethel Katz." 
―Juli I. Huss, author of  The Faux Gourmet and  Happy Maisy Coleman 

"Ethel will make you laugh and move your soul. Follow her journey, and you may find your way home."
― J an Frazier, author of  When Fear Falls Away and  The Freedom of Being 

About the author:  Barbi Schulick's essays have appeared in The Sun, Yoga Journal, Spirituality and Health, Hadassah and Tricycle. Ethel Katz Finds Her Guru is her first novel and was inspired by the playful intersection between her mother's skepticism and her teacher's inspiration.

by Schulick

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