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Celebrate Life: Viva La Vida - Humorous stories, poignant tales, poems that celebrate life, love, travel, relationships, and his neighbors told by the great story teller Namaya who is described as a "A Vermont Treasure." by Vermont Life Publisher David Haskins. 
As a world traveler he gathers his poems and stories from his journeys through life -- from the majestic elegy of "Orlando" to the ordinary mysteries "What happened to the other sock?" to the hilarious misadventures in home repair. 

The book is an intimate journey that embraces the sadness, but Celebrates the full joyful experience of life. As the poet Wendy Baez Brown said,  
“The joy flowing through these poems and stories is contagious. As you read this book, you will be immersed in the belief that our lives are precious and glorious, to be savored and shared. Namaya’s quirky sense of humor shines through these pages as well as a profound curiosity about human beings and an appreciation of each moment he gets to have with us..” Wendy Baez Brown – Poet 

Seven Days Magazine - "Namaya is a modern day Thoreau in a world gone mad." 

Vermont Standard "Down home storytelling!"

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