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L. Carlene Raper

I've been a fiber artist for more than 35 years, and am self-taught as a dyer and quiltmaker. I've always loved geometry, color and cloth, and it seems that quiltmaking is the perfect marriage of these loves.


I spent many years doing high-end craft fairs, and the sheer volume of work produced allowed me to try many things, and stretch my artistic ideas. I design all my own patterns - why would I let someone else have that fun?


Color is the single most important element in my work. For the last 25 years, I've used only my own hand-dyed cotton cloth, and finding the right setting for a piece of fabric is a satisfying challenge for me. Both in the dyeing and the design, I'm having an internal conversation with the cloth: "What do you want now? What more do you need? How can I show you off to best advantage?"


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