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Karen Sorensen

Original acrylic paintings and oil pastel drawings (and museum quality prints from these works)


Oil pastel sticks look like thick crayons. But, they have the softness of butter. The oil pastels I use are professional and their color is very bright. My brand was invented for Picasso to use. He told their inventor that he wanted something that he could use to draw on anything. . . .

How do I get the tiny detail in my work drawing with something so creamy and so fat in my fingers? The secret is myltiple layering. I do a layer of oil pastel and then let it dry for a week. Then I come back to the artwork and do a second layer. The art gets more complex with more detail. I let the second layer dry for a week. Then i return for a final third layer of color. The lightest parts of the art, and the darkest parts are emphasized on the third layer. 

Another feature of oil pastels is that they are semi-transparent. So, if I want bold color (and i do!), this layering technique builds up color saturation. 

Each artwork has been carefully designed for its frame. A white porcelain frame needs a totally different kind of artwork than a pewter frame. And a rhinestone frame is very difficult because the rhinestones want to outshine the artwork. In the end, my rule of thumb is that the more powerful the image, the more it will work with a fancy frame.

One of my great joys in life right now is looking for a frame that speaks to me. If I am excited making myt art, then the artwork contains a huge does of positivie energy.

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Results 1 - 9 of 9