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Jeanne Smith

I was born in Bellows Falls Vermont and have remained in Vermont or New Hampshire all my life.

 We maintain our family farm were I'm fortunate enough to work in many art mediums.  

Re-purposing items, salvaging from the land fill, breathing new life into them, is my passion.

Colorful, heavy duty grain bags become versatile tote bags.  The are wipe clean multipurpose product.

An old sweater, maybe a few holes, perhaps it shrunk, maybe you had it in high school and it will never be worn again, well, how about a pair of mittens.

Flatware no longer needed?  Well now it is transformed into a bracelet, ring, or key fob.

Old typewriter keys fashioned into bookmarks, jewelry, no limits.



Member's Products

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$22.00 each Mittens 71smi-1
12 items in stock
$12.00 each Grain Bags 71smi-2
14 items in stock
$16.95 each Neck Warmer 71smi-3
5 items in stock
$10.00 each Knit Hat 71smi-4
12 items in stock
$8.00 each Buttons from Flatware 71smi-5
5 items in stock
$8.00 each Bookmark 71smi-6
17 items in stock
$15.00 each Typewriter bracelet 71smi-7
8 items in stock
$15.00 each Rings out of silverware 71SMI-9
19 items in stock
$15.00 each Key fobs out of silverware 71SMI-10
14 items in stock
Results 1 - 9 of 9