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Jack Hinckley

   I moved back to Brattleboro, VT last fall from Jensen Beach, FL. I had recently retired from the Jupiter Scenery Company after almost twenty five years of building sets, props, displays and all things theatrical for every possible venue including opera, ballet, television, movies, trade shows and museums. As you might imagine, there is hardly a trade or material that isn't used in the scenery business. I needed to stay busy and thought that some sort of of cottage industry in the art field would be good.

   Elegant kinetic sculpture has always fascinated me. I started experimenting with cardboard shapes in our drafty stairwell last winter and graduated to aluminum very quickly. Apex Whirl Winds are the result of a lot of trial and error getting shapes, sizes and proportions right. Working out the process, finding material sources and endless little things have finally made Apex Whirl Winds a mesmerizing reality. This is my maiden voyage into the craft field and I feel that it is very affordable art that compliments any outdoor setting.

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