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Frog Pond Studio

Frog Pond Studio creates functional products on a wood lathe. Wood is the primary medium, but we also use stone, acrylic, and other intriguing items. You will find pens and wine bottle stoppers among the items at the Collective.


Brad Dinwiddie has been a woodworker for many years. He started by building things in his father's workshop and loved woodworking classes in junior high school. Shortly after getting married he and his wife moved to Guilford, Vermont and built their own home with the help of a couple of carpenter friends. For several years Brad's woodworking was employed in completing the house - weekends, vacation weeks and some evenings, too.


Over time the house was completed and Brad started to explore the lathe. The lathe seemed like a nice way to take his mind off of his detailed work of computer programming. Mount a piece of wood and start creating something fun - yes, that'll work. Mostly self-taught, Brad experimented with small turnings on a small, inexpensive lathe. The lathe wasn't of good quality and he found he had to keep the parts supplier's phone number handy. But that didn't deter him from the enjoyment of creating small bowls, pens and even a peppermill that he had to hand drill the center out of for 4 hours! He found the stress relief he needed and a new, creative way to interact with the world around him.

With a large, high quality lathe and retirement from the computer programming career, Brad now works close to fulltime many months of the year on his craft. Having made hundreds of bowls, peppermills, and other functional goods, plus over fifteen hundred pens, Brad has fine tuned his eye and hand to make delightful goods for you to give to others or to reward yourself. A Vermont made item created with craftsmanship that will bring pleasure each time you use it. Enjoy.

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Results 1 - 20 of 34