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Amy Fields


I have made countless things in so many mediums, from small embroideries to jewelry to pottery to painted dressers, using my own designs.  I loved every minute of it!

I'm self-taught, and like to try new mediums to learn their properties and explore their possibilities.  

I love color, pattern, detail, upcycling, and all my tools.

Member's Products

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$9.00 each pink earrings 27fiel-4
1 item in stock
$18.00 each coral drop earrings 27fiel-5
1 item in stock
$10.00 each World's Best Bib 27fiel-2
1 item in stock
$5.00 each Tissuepaper Flowers 27fie-1
32 items in stock
$6.00 each Tissue Paper Flowers 27fiel-14
10 items in stock
$25.00 each Blue jewelry box 27fiel-8
1 item in stock
Results 1 - 6 of 6