painting, sculpture, window decoration- Mosquito 72est-601

Sold by: Wayne Estey

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The Dengue Fever carrying mosquito, Aedes Aegypti, is one of the world’s most deadly creatures.  Despite its small size, it causes misery, death, poverty and heartache where ever it exists.  This water color rendition of the mosquito, probably 10 times its actual size, is placed upon a comparatively large field of fiberglass mosquito netting.  One can obviously see through the netting to whatever window, wall, skylight or open air in front of which you hang this painting.  The unusual scale of this painting, or sculpture if you prefer, represents how such a little thing can have such a tremendous impact on its environment.  This large frame measures 49” x 42”.  The water color Aedes Aegypti painting is only 3.5” x 2.5”.  It sits in the center of a see-through mosquito netting 37” x 31”.  The frame itself is two rectangles of recycled split bamboo.  Between the bamboo rectangles is a base of grass wallpaper matted with a thin, hand-applied, mud/clay-colored plaster of Paris.


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