Collage-Bless The Children 72est-501

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An official black and white Vatican photo of a Cardinal (Bishop?) seated with his symbols of authority and office is graced with cutouts of Mid-30's grammar school class photos.  The anonymous children surrounding the Cardinal can symbolize either the benificent official or possibly not benificant authority of the church.  The veiwer will have to decide.  Nevertheless, "Bless The Children".  They are cut out and attached in various positions around the official like ghosts or "other symbols of his office".  The emotional implications are at least two: a recognition of church child molestation and a tribute to the innocent victims or for all of the children protected by the Church and saved from any number of unpleasant fates.  I leave it to the viewer to decide whether the combined images protest, support, create outrage or recognize the good works the church can accomplish.  In an antique wood frame, image size is 7.75” x 10.75”, paper-backed, wired and ready to hang.

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