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How Yak Got His Long Hair

by Lauren Alderfer

Illustrated by Kalsang Dickyi


Kalsang was a recent high school graduate when she painted the illustrations for How Yak Got His Long Hair. Her dream was to learn to do study children’s book illustrations, a career not available in India where she was a refugee. Because of her work in this story, she was able to pursue her dream after being awarded a 4-year scholarship to study in France, where she still resides. As described in the back of the book, Kaslang has been separated from her parents since arriving in India. During the production of the book, there was a major crackdown in Lhasa, where he parents live, and she was not sure her parents were alive. Luckily, they survived but Kalsang doubts she will ever return to Lhasa or see her parents again.

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