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Set against the backdrop of the Civil War, TIME EXPOSURE is an historical mystery framed by a modern story linking the past and present through current technology. In present day Washington, D.C., renowned digital photographer Maggie Thornhill discovers a mummified corpse in her basement. She believes it to be her ancestor, famed Civil War photographer, Joseph Thornhill. In Washington City, 1860, Joseph becomes a spy for the U.S. Secret Service and uncovers a series of murders related to arms profiteering and treason. As he tracks the man he believes to be the killer, a mysterious civilian he has captured in photographs on the battlefield, Joseph is wounded, captured and tortured by Confederates. He escapes, brings the proof to Lincoln but the President is assassinated before he can act. Through Joseph’s diary and photographs, Maggie links the arms company with one still in business today. What she learns about the elusive civilian and his role in the death of Lincoln and many others will change history as we know it. 

About the author:

With a Master’s Degree in Science and more than 28 years as a science museum director, Lynne Kennedy has had the opportunity to study history and forensic science, both of which play significant roles her novels. She has written three other historical mysteries, each solved by modern technology. The Triangle Murders (formerly called Tenement) was a finalist in St. Martin’s Malice Domestic Competition, 2011 and Winner of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Mystery Category, 2011. It was also awarded a BRAG Medallion in 2012. Time Exposure was a finalist in St. Martin’s Malice Domestic in 2012.

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