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The Musician's Guide to Rhythm

by Julian Cerstin and Ken Dalluge


Two veteran music teachers pool their combined passion into this introduction to the most important part of music that you didn’t learn in school: rhythm. A practical guide for all instrumentalists, vocalists, composers and teachers, The Musician’s Guide gently leads you to an understanding of rhythmic concepts and creativity. With plenty of progressive exercises, it gives you immediate practical experience, building your skills and confidence step by step. Whether your musical focus is jazz or classical, rock or folk, Cuban or Brazilian, rhythm should be—and can be!—a key part of your musical resources.


Julian Gerstin, PhD, is an ethnomusicologist specializing in the traditional music of the Caribbean and West Africa. As a performer and composer he is a veteran of numerous jazz, Afrocuban, afrobeat, Latin jazz, and choral ensembles. Julian taught music in college for over 25 years and has even longer experience leading community percussion classes and workshops. He currently teaches at the Vermont Jazz Center in Brattleboro.


Ken Dalluge is a freelance performer and educator based in Santa Cruz, California. After leading the drum section of University of Minnesota’s marching band in college, Ken spent years with jazz, blues, rock, R&B and show bands in Chicago, Paris and Seattle. His jazz credits include Diane Schuur and Jean-Pierre Llabador. A devotee of Brazilian music, Ken is an intiated lead drummer in Umbanda, and heads the samba group Batucada Nana.

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