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Making Wood Folk Instruments

By Dennis Waring


If you'd like to introduce the kids to some simple instrument they're sure to love, make them a bleach-bottle banjo, gardening-hose bugle, washtub bass, or flowerpot bells.

But if you're eager to create your own authentic folk instrument, move on the the beautiful Renaissance psaltery hammered dulcimer, teardrop fiddle, or Celtic harp.

How to make all these projects from familiar materials is explained here, from the simple and fun to the genuine and serious. Complete, fully illustrated instructions show you what to do for both the elementary and the more difficult projects.

You also get helpful background information on where when and how each instrument developed, along with a fun selection of songs to play.

Whether you're trying to form a neighborhood jug band or create an elegant folk instrument of concert quality, you'll find everything you need right here.

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