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Great Folk Instruments to Make and Play

by Dennis Waring


Build over 50 folk instruments to shake, rattle, pluck, and bang! Many of the projects are simple to construct, using not only traditional materials such as wood, gourds, and bamboo, but everytday objects you probably have on hand and are readily available, from tin cans to PVC pipes.

Find a sturdy container, several sizes of rubber bands, and two dowels for bridges, and you'll have everything you need to assemble a Shoe Box Zither. Modeled after the African mbira, the Thumb Piano consists primarily of springy meatl "keys" attached to a wooden box frame. Sculpt the Ocarina -- a vessel flute of polymer clay. Or make a great-sounding Xylophone from 2x4 boards with only a saw. Other instruments re more complex and require some specialized tools and hardware, like the Tear-Drop Fiddle and the Celtic Harp.

The charm of most folk instruments is that they can be played in any way you wish, so long as the music pleases the ear. The ones in this collection will do more than that. They'll also please the craftsman in you.

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