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Waring Music Presents:

From Trash to Tunes: Music, Science, Craft, and Family Fun


Let Dennis Waring show you how to make your own musical instruments. It's easy and it's fun.

With close-up detailed demonstrations of how to construct over a dozen instruments from materials found around the house, you can organize your own family band!

Go green and get creative with this do-it-yourself music bonanza! Learn how to have fun while recycling and exploring science and sound.

Construct homade: banjos, guitars, flutes, trumpets, drums, rattles, finger pianos, xylophones.


"The crowd of fascinated people of all ages testified to the skill, wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm that Dr. Waring brought to his presentation."              

            - Museum Performing Arts Programs, Smithsonian Institution


Winner - Platinum Best of Show Aurora Award


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