Four String Guitar m3war-38

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This cardboard guitar, The Waring Wailer, is a real musical instrument, not a toy (though it offers the joy of a toy). It is fretted and chorded like a standard banjo and guitar but easier to play. As well, it combines the best features of many of the world’s four-stringed instruments. In fact, playing the Wailer is a perfect step to playing most any fretted stringed instrument. And most importantly, it sounds fantastic!

The Wailer is inexpensive and very durable. Because it has the “cool factor” and is fun to play, it is perfect as a teaching tool in educational settings. The Wailer’s super lightweight and compact construction means it is easy to transport and store. It even stands up by itself eliminating the need for an extra stand. The Wailer is available ready made but you can decorate your own.

Geared tuners make the process of tuning particularly easy, especially to various “open” tunings.  It can also be tuned like the highest four strings on a guitar or to a variety of banjo tunings. And because it has only four strings, playing chords is also simplified.

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