As Yet Quintet - Strange but True m45ger-2

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An all-star Brattleboro group with Anna Patton, clarinet; Miamon Miller, violin; Eugene Uman, piano; Todd Roach, Middle Eastern percussion; and Julian Gerstin, Caribbean percussion. As Yet features original compositions by all of the ensemble members, a wide mix of musical influences and a warm acoustic sound. The songs range from the sweet “Middle-Aged Beauty” and jazz ballad “Sad as Honey,” to lively updates of the traditional dance styles pasillo from Columbia (“Isla Luna”) and mazurka creole from Martinique (“Soukwé Soukwé). Balkan modalism and blues combine in the slinky “Copa Kabanica,” Indian rhythms and jazz in “December Raga.” The title song is funk played on a wooden box. Surprises abound throughout this CD.

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