Tibetan Proverbs 26ald-4

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TIBETAN PROVERBS: Children's voices from the homeland

Compiled and edited by Lauren Alderfer

Foreword by His Holiness The Dalai Lama


Tibetan refugee orphans living at the Tibetan Children’s Village  in Dharamsala produced this book. After asking houseparents, teachers, nuns and monks about traditional Tibetan proverbs, the children painted the art work and wrote the calligraphy of a favorite proverb they learned. They also reflected on what they did - their candid thoughts, found in the back of the book,  are heart-wrenching. Surprisingly, the children were not very familiar with the proverbs even though their elders could rattle off a dozen proverbs effortlessly. This exemplifies how quickly gems of the Tibetan culture are quickly being lost. It also illustrates the importance to preserve cultural traditions through books for children.


Softcover book.

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