Windblown (2x3 print on brass stand) 47tal-9

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Riding my motorbike on a cross-country trip westward, I arrived in eastern Kentucky from the south through Tennessee, water sopped and itching for drier weather. Under cloudy skies I meandered along rural back roads that wound across narrow fields under low, thickly forested mountains. The wind had picked up to the point where I had to lean windward to compensate for the persisent push on my left. I saw this barn in a field that felt the years of weight of the same wind. 






Images: First image is the original print to show you the true quality; matted images are iPhone photographs of the matted print.


Archival Print on Arkwright Photographic Paper. 2"x3" photo with 4"x5" white matte on a brass stand. Signed on the back by the artist. 

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