Maggie's Farm (2x3 print on brass stand) 47tal-11

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Roadtrip! That's what I was doing when I ran across 'Maggie's Farm', or at least what I chose to call it. I was 10,000 miles through a clockwise circumnavigation of the United States on my motorbike, driving north toward Hibbing. Minnesota, that is. Hometown.of.Bob.Dylan. I saw these horses next to a leaning old barn, under a puff of clouds. Their manes were fluttering in the stiff wind. I pulled over, ran off my bike, approached the horses slowly across a deep field of grass. A flock of birds appeared over my right shoulder.

Well, I may not work on Maggie's Farm, but I still got a head full of ideas that are drivin' me insane...



Images: First image is the original print to show you the true quality; matted images on brass stand are iPhone photographs of the matted print.


Archival Print on Arkwright Photographic Paper. 2x3 photo with 4x5 white matte on brass stand. Signed on the back by the artist.

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