Maggie's Farm 47tal-5

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Roadtrip! That's what I was doing when I ran across 'Maggie's Farm', or at least what I chose to call it. I was 10,000 miles through a clockwise circumnavigation of the United States on my motorbike, driving north toward Hibbing. Minnesota, that is. Hometown.of.Bob.Dylan. I saw these horses next to a leaning old barn, under a puff of clouds. Their manes were fluttering in the stiff wind. I pulled over, ran off my bike, approached the horses slowly across a deep field of grass. A flock of birds appeared over my right shoulder.

Well, I may not work on Maggie's Farm, but I still got a head full of ideas that are drivin' me insane...



Images: First image is the original print to show you the true quality; matted images are iPhone photographs of the matted print.


Archival Print on Arkwright Photographic Paper. 6x9 photo with 11x14 white matte fits a standard frame. Signed on the back by the artist. You choose the frame to put it in. Protected in cellophane wrap.

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