humanimal #5 - fat cat - gayle marie weitz
humanimal #5 - fat cat - gayle marie weitzhumanimal #5 - fat cat - gayle marie weitzhumanimal #5 - fat cat - gayle marie weitz (right)humanimal #5 - fat cat - gayle marie weitz (open)humanimal #5 - fat cat - gayle marie weitz (back)humanimal #5 - fat cat - gayle marie weitz (detail of head)humanimal #5 - fat cat - gayle marie weitz (detail of chest)

Cat Cabinet 1wei-10

Sold by: Gayle Weitz

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This human-size wooden cabinet is from the “Humanimals” series, which consists of twelve anthropomorphized figures each addressing a particular relationship between humans and other animals.


The process to make this cabinet takes hundreds of hours and involves constructing the cabinet form from planks of basswood, carving the surfaces with a pneumatic grinder, painting and drawing on the exterior surfaces with acrylics and pencil, and finally sealing it with a polyurethane varnish. The interior spaces are then collaged with text and images about the specific form of animal exploitation. 


The particular piece, "Humanimial #5 - FatCat," is a member of the 1%, adorning his portly physique in a designer suit and wingtip shoes – a fat cat indeed. His interior spaces address issues concerning pets (companion animals,) from overpopulation, to spaying/neutering, to exotic species, to the over-pampered.


Other pieces in the “Humanimals” series include:

“Humanimal #1 - Foxy” (addresses fur)

“Humanimal #2 – Pigheaded” (addresses pork)

“Humanimal #3 – Harebrained” (addresses vivisection)

“Humanimal #4 – Something’s Fishy” (addresses fishing and seafood)

“Humanimal #6 – Chicken Hearted” (addresses poultry, eggs, and down)

“Humanimal #7 – Sheepish” (addresses wool and mutton)

“Humanimal #8 – Holy Cow!” (addresses milk and veal)

“Humanimal #9 – Bully” (addresses beef and leather)

“Humanimal #10 – Night Owl” (addresses diminishing habitats)

“Humanimal #11 – You Dirty Rat!” (addresses pests)

“Humanimal #12 – Monkey Business” (addresses animals in entertainment)


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