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I was inspired to create this sculpture when I saw a quartz sculpture in National Graphic Magazine. The artifact was created by either the Aztec or Mayan culture. The skull was believed to have mystical powers, and I thought this may be an interesting challenge to recreate. Having a surplus piece of Plexiglas, I began.

I studied photos of the human skull, then sketched out the subject onto the 6 ½ “x 6 ½ “x 4” piece of Plexiglas. In a free-hand fashion, I used a dremel and several files to carve the shape and details, from all sides and angles.  After shaping, I sanded it with 100 grit to 2000 grit sandpaper, followed by polishing and more sanding – repeating the process until the skull was clear and transparent. The beauty in using this material is that it produces a bubble free finish, and it doesn’t carry the fractures found in stone. It looks awesome in any bright colored light – possibly a nice desktop feature!


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