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Wayne Estey

My mother always told me I was easily led. “Wayne, you want to jump a freight train?” I did. “Wayne, you want to go in the Air Force?” “Sure.” “You should go to college.” “Okay.” I didn’t always follow though. “You, should be an art major.” No way, I’m going to be an Economist and make real money! But then, I usually did get led. But, it took more convincing. “Why don’t you become a lawyer?” “Well, I’ll be 40 when I graduate.” “You’re gonna be 40 anyway!” “Hum, that’s true.” Hi ho, hi ho, and off I went to UCONN.

I’ve always believed in living on the edge; otherwise I’d be taking up too much room. But when you live on the edge, sometimes you fall off. I spent two years on orthopedic crutches after breaking my femur in three pieces while riding a motorcycle in Greece. Did I mention that it was my honeymoon? Oh, and my wife broke her femur too. Anyway . . . 

This art thing, well, I’ve always drawn stuff. I took classes in college because I could get good grades in art (gotta keep that GPA up). I’ve painted on and off forever; sometimes taking decade-long breaks. I studied: privately; at the Lyme Academy in Connecticut; at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA; in Texas; and in Athens, Greece.

I started two successful galleries in the no-so-famous-art-enclave of New Britain, CT. Most of my work was stolen and never recovered angry. The second biggest collector is mesmiley. After that, quite a few pieces are in private handsyes. Now, retired, I’ve started selling and am most impressed that people want to buyheart. Maybe I should have been led into that art major thing. 

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