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Reggie Levesque


Art has been my passion since childhood.  One of my earliest pieces was a geometrically designed painting of flowers for Mother’s Day. Afterschool tromps through the woods, catching frogs, and salamanders, alongside my mother’s love for nature and art, were very early inspirations. I grew to hold a deep appreciation for the natural world, honoring all plants, rocks, trees, and wildlife.

I have worked as a carpenter, painter of custom graphics on automobiles, landscaper and stone worker.  In industry, as a troubleshooter, I worked with people to design and create innovative solutions to problems, making their need come alive, often employing rather unusual materials to do so. I approached each job with an artist’s eye, giving me experience in using unusual materials to create beauty.

Travel opportunities to China, Mexico, Canada, and Africa ignited a curiosity about people, culture, plants, and animals throughout the world.  What inspired those in other countries inspired me.

These days, I continue to experience the natural world whenever possible. I hike, camp, and volunteer for the Massachusetts Audubon Society. Often, I simply sit and silently absorb the sounds of nature.

I design, carve, sculpt, and construct objects using native woods, salvaged materials, found objects (old and new), fabric, metal, and stone. I enjoy up-cycling vintage items, using materials that have sentimental value. I am drawn to worn, well-used objects and the character they add to a piece.

Some of my pieces are decorative as well as functional - indoor and outdoor, rustic furniture and sculptures.  Among my favorite creations are garden highlight art pieces that honor nature and create tranquility.  I particularly enjoy working with clients to design and create works of personal interest and meaning.

My ideas are inspired by the natural world around me - there are no duplicate pieces, all are made or constructed of materials hand-picked to create art, beauty, interest, and curiosity.  With each piece of art, I bring new life to the wood from the tree or the block of stone.  All pieces are created using the "made to last a lifetime" approach.

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Results 1 - 20 of 44