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Phil Pellerin

Philip B Pellerin was born in 1962 and raised on a small family farm in Westminster , VT.  Because of his cheap mother, he soon learned if you needed something you made it yourself or repaired someone else's junk.

Philip designed and built his first barn at age 13 to house his horses and the family's livestock.  As long as the chores were done, he was free to roam the Vermont woods and rivers, getting into mischief his family would be glad never to know about.

This freedom, coupled with responsibility and a wild nature that bucked authority, created the solid base that is Philip's artistic vision.  This vision was ..... there were also a few great mentors and teachers along the way, notably Ms. Kathleen Lemar.  

He met the love of his life in high school - his flaming red hair and outlaw ways caught her eye as well.  They moved into a tree house, married, and when their son was born Philip learned the art of timber-framing in order to support his growing family.  

Philip now owns his own small family farm in Westminster West, where he enjoys creating his art, which ranges from metal sculptures, stone work, paintings, timberframes, and a fleet of antique motorized pieces to lamps and furniture.  

Philip's work can be found in art galleries, local businesses, in the woods, and at local events including Laconia Bike Week.  (Although his work receives much attention, it is not for everyone, as no art ever is.  )  Philip creates art in mediums he is passionate about.  His love of farming, building, antique equipment, and his unconventional ways of having fun come together (culminate, coalesce) into his art.  

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