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Micah Shally-Jensen

I have been doing collage/mixed media for many years now, and my work has been exhibited in a number of galleries and other venues in the area. What I love about the medium is the way you can juxtapose elements, not only figures and backgrounds but also textures, spatial components, and the various narratives” that the images represent.

I have a background in Cultural Anthropology, and I think that that comes through in my work – mainly through the use of “exotic” or foreign images and materials. I also, somewhat ironically, have experience in American Studies. So I tend to go back and forth between “worldly” themes and more home-grown ones. It keeps me inspired!

Long drawn to vintage printed materials — so-called “ephemera” — I am fascinated by what happens when different materials are thrown together in provocative new combinations. We frequently encounter odd and compelling combinations of things in our daily lives, especially in today’s highly mediated world, but we don’t often notice them. In a sense, I merely seek to bring out that experience of familiarity by presenting juxtapositions of old things in wholly new ways.

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