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Mary Libbey


I am a happy member of the worldwide community of craftspersons, whom I have always admired. A craftsperson works for hours, with their hands, to make something functional and beautiful. When I see a handmade item, I find myself deciphering the technique. I imagine the crafter’s hands and tools shaping, smoothing, stitching. Even the most common items--spoons, mugs, pouches--has a personality all its own. Because crafted items are often functional, one returns to them again and again. They become friends. They bring fond memories to mind. In the past such items were made out of necessity. They were worn down in beautiful ways, becoming ever more beautiful. They become keepsakes and often are the prized gifts to next generations.

My craft, making beaded jewelry, is found in every culture in the world, dating back to the earliest evidence of humankind. Men and women have always worn beads, especially for special events, with feelings of self-worth as well as pleasure at bringing sparkle to special events.

My crocheted bead ropes--necklaces and bracelets--are strung by hand, one bead at a time, on a strong 100% nylon triple-threaded cord. They are then crocheted into a cylindrically stacked rope of closely piled beads, held by a climbing crocheted web inside.  The interior web stretches. The bracelets can be rolled as follow: first put the bracelet over your four fingers, then place your thumb through the bracelet, against your hand , and roll it down onto the wrist. The bracelet will close back up to fit your wrist. My necklaces can be tossed on, over the head. Because they are usually long, and do have a clasp, they can be doubled, tripled, or tied in a knot in front.  Their glamour lies in their sparkling Czech beads.

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