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Mangold Leather

Mangold Leather is an artisan operation based in Montague, MA specializing in life-long, lasting, nature-based designs that features grass-fed humanely-raised bison leather grown in Colorado.

All of our peices are refined for daily use. Functional, simple, durable, soft and beautiful. These bag, belts and hats are built to last a lifetime, empowering you to look great and feel amazing throughout this adventure called life. Our products are a gift to support you, while supporting US, to continue doing what we love!

All sales contribute to the planting of free fruit and nut trees across new england. Our leather operation is based out of our local nursery, where we grow hundreds of perennial, native fruiting trees, shrubs and nuts. All of the plants are used in by our larger organization, Greentek, to perform free edible, ecological restoration wherever the land will benefit. We restore the earth to heal the land, provide free food and medicine to all, while bringing fun, play and collaboration back to the public landscape. We use our own leatherwork throughout the restoration campaign. We invite you to join us, either at a planting day, or merely by wearing your support with a glorious bison bag or belt. 

It's time to heal the Earth. Mangold leather is a operation to set us free that we may conduct global healing every day. Thank you for visiting our page.


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Results 1 - 20 of 28