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Lauren Alderfer

Lauren, an SIT graduate,  lived and worked in New Delh,India for over a decade. In preparation for the first teacher training she gave in 1997 at TCV, a Tibetan school in Dharamslaa, she looked for Tibetan children’s books, of which virtually none existed. Since then she has been dedicated to helping give voice to the many oral traditions of Tibet through children’s books. She is also passionate about trying to showcase Tibetan illustrators and stories to inspire a Tibetan children’s literature genre. Most of the books are made in a modest format so that Tibetans in India can afford to buy them; however, Nine and A Half Fingers, was made to showcase what a high quality children’s book can look and feel like.

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$14.95 each Tibetan Proverbs 26ald-4
9 items in stock
$14.95 each Nine & a Half Fingers 26ald-3
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$4.95 each How Yak Got His Long Hair 26ald-2
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$19.95 each Teaching Mindfulness 26ald-5
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$4.95 each Dharma King 26ald-1
10 items in stock
Results 1 - 6 of 6