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Sky Like Snow

I am a second generation fiber artist who has been knitting and playing with yarn and fabric as far back as I can remember — about 40 years! I started Sky Like Snow in 2016 shortly after returning to Vermont, and on the heels of a 10 year career in digital product design. Being back on my home land is recharging and reinvigorating my creative energies and inspiring me to delve deeply into the colorful gifts of cultivated and native dye plants, mushrooms, lichen and trees. Learning about and from these wonders of nature, I also ponder how to lend them a voice. Can they paint the landscapes they come from? What would they like to remind people about? What can we do to reciprocate their offerings? How can we be symbiotic neighbors?

Ethics and sustainability are central to my practice and I teach workshops on ethically farming and foraging natural dyes so as to best benefit the land. You can check out my current workshop offerings as well as my hand-dyed, local fiber knit hats on my website: