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Becca Van Kirk

I am a beaded jewelry designer.  I enjoy making fun, affordable and functional jewelry.  I began playing with beads when I was a young girl and a bead store opened next to my parents bookstore, ever since than I have been hooked.  All of my babysitting money for many years went to my obsession.  As a teenager I was encouraged by my parents to continue with my jewelry design and began a company early in my twenties.  I have been designing and creating jewelry for 20 years now and I look forward to continuing with my love for hopefully another 20.  I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making it.  

Member's Products

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$24.00 each Pearl Necklace 43van-1
1 item in stock
$12.00 each Decoupage Earrings 43van-4
5 items in stock
$12.00 each Cloisonne Earrings 43van-5
5 items in stock
$10.00 each Semiprecious Bracelet 43van-7
15 items in stock
$8.00 each Freshwater Pearl Bracelet 43van-2
31 items in stock
Results 1 - 5 of 5