Wild Hearts 78REG-11

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In Himalayan tradition, prayer flags are hung outside where the wind and elements carry their wishes across the land. Their decay is evidence that the wishes have been dispersed. These nondenominational flags are dyed with natural dyes, most of which I grow and forage for around my studio in Vermont. The hand drawn, screen printed design is intended to be both decorative and contemplative. 

The details: Each string has 6 raw edge flags that each measure 6" x 8". They are sewn on a length of hemp twine which is 7' long. The printing is done with water-based ink.

Note: the colors will be the same saturated ones as the flags in the photos, but the order along the string may be different. 

If they are hung outside and caressed by the sun, rain and wind, the colors are likely to fade and birds may begin to borrow threads for their nests. As decay is part of the purpose of these flags, the natural dyes and fibers ensure that they are safely biodegradable for the environment.

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